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December 5-9.

Lesson 1

Possessive adjectives

Type the correct word in the boxes below

My, your, his, her, its, our, their.

The boy likes his school.

Mary sees her mother every day.

My teachers bring their children to our place on Saturdays.

The cat eats its food quickly.

I often forget my key.

You write in my book in class.

We bring our pencils to class.

The men always bring their wives to the party.

Mr Adams teaches his class in the morning.

She likes to give presents to her grandchildren.

They never do their homework.

Ali sometimes wears his green t-shirt.

We love our school.

Ayse and Ahmet play with my sisters.

You always wear your uniform at school.

I rarely walk to my school.

We eat our lunch at 12 a.m.

The bird always sleeps in my nest.

She always forgets her books in the cupboard.

He often speaks to his friends.

Ex.  (p. 29)


Daniel’s book

Emily’s house.

Mr Black’s car.

My father’s computer.

My sister’s bike.

My brother’s school.


PluralWe- ourYou-yourThey-their  


  1. Hi! My name’s Jenny. Nice to meet you. What’s your name?
  2. My brother really likes music. His favorite singer’s Jay-Z.
  3. I’ve got two sisters. Their names are Laura and Joanna.
  4. Amy’s American. She’s here in England with her family.
  5. We live in London now, but we don’t like our house.
  6. Do you and your sister like your new house?

Grammar Practice

Past simple 1

Exercise 1

Put in am/is/are [present] or was/were [past]

  1. Last year he was 22, so he is 23 now.
  2. Today the weather is nice, but yesterday it was very cold.
  3. I am hungry. Can I have something to eat?
  4. I feel fine this morning but was very tired last night.
  5. Where were you at 11 o’clock last Friday morning?
  6. Don’t buy those shoes. They are so expensive.
  7. I like your new jacket. Is it expensive?
  8. This time last year I was in Paris.
  9. ‘Where are the children?’I don’t know. They were in the garden ten minutes ago.
  10. Hello, everybody! I am sorry I was late.
  11. ‘Where are you born? I was born in India.
  12. We were married when I was eighteen and Roger was twenty.

Exercise 2

Put in was/were or wasn’t/weren’t.

  1. We weren’t happy with the hotel. Our room was very small and it wasn’t very clean.
  2. George wasn’t at work last week because he was ill. He’s better now.
  3. Yesterday was a public holiday so the shops were closed.

They’re open today.

4. Were Sue and Bill at the party? Sue was there but Bill wasn’t.

5. Where are my keys? I don’t know. They were on the table but they’re not there now.

6. You weren’t at home last night. Where were you?

Exercise 3

Present perfect and past simple.

  1. I saw the twins in town last week.
  2. Have you ever met her brother?
  3. Where were you last weekend?
  4. Have you seen Kathleen?
  5. We didn’t go on holiday last year.
  6. I love clothes and have bought a lot this year.
  7. What did you do last weekend?
  8. Dad repaired the car, you can use it now.
  9. Agatha Christie lived from 1890 to 1976.
  10. Granny still hasn’t found her glasses.
  11. Did you buy your laptop?
  12. Oh! you painted the kitchen. I like the colour.
  13. What time did you get home last night?
  14. Emma! Your letter arrived at last!
  15. The weather has been good all week.
  16. I did finish work early yesterday.
  17. Sue’s not here, she has gone out for 2 hours.
  18. The weather wasn’t very good last week.
  19. We have been cinema twice this month.
  20. Brian lived in England until the age of 14.